Top 5 Attractions Not to Miss in Colombo

A huge, sprawling city boasting of great food and tropical climate; need one say more? Colombo – commonly called Sri Lanka’s ocean city – has emerged as a must visit stop when visiting Sri Lanka. Apart from being the most accessible, centrally located site in Sri Lanka, Colombo’s vibrant markets, cosmopolitan culture and delicious food have transformed it into an admirable travel destination in its own right. When in Colombo, here are 5 attractions you can’t afford to miss:

1.     A stroll along Galle Face Green:

Brimming with chit-chatters, kite flyers, couples and families alike, the Galle Face Green is a broad promenade facing the sea, making it the one of the liveliest spots in the city. Try reserving a Sunday evening for a stroll along the long open space, as the street fills itself with the aroma of freshly fried snacks. Make sure to devour isso wade (delectable shrimp fritters), while sipping on fresh lime juice from the famous ‘Nana’s’.

Pro Tip: If you’re a solo traveller looking for comfortable accommodation that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, the heart of Colombo houses a variety of budget friendly hostels. Many well-known options like Hangover Hostels are located close to Galle Road and offer a truly Sri Lankan experience.

2.     Downtown Colonial Architecture:

Travelling through Downtown Colombo is an experience in itself, thanks to the magnificent monumental buildings that are nothing short of architectural wonders. These buildings are dated back to the British and Dutch era of Sri Lanka and are definitely a sight to soak in.

3.      National Museum:

Take an enriching lesson in History by visiting the National Museum, established in 1876 by the British Governor to Sri Lanka. This museum is the largest in Sri Lanka and is known for its exhibition of items owned by the former Royal Family, including the king’s crown and throne made of gold. The awe-inspiring white structure is surrounded by a peaceful courtyard and garden.

4.     A short trip to Tissamaharama:

 The best to way to explore a new place is to travel by road. Take a road trip to Tissamaharama (popularly called Tissa), as it serves as the ideal base between Bundala and Yala National Parks. The best way to get here is to hop on an AC bus outbound from Colombo. Serving as a perfect compliment to the lakeside view, Tissa hotels are convincingly affordable and comfortable. Make sure to visit the Tissa Dagoba, one of the largest Buddhist Stupas in Sri Lanka.


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